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Nevada Corporate Office Program (also known as the Nevada Virtual Office Program)

There are two common ways people use Nevada corporations:

  1. To operate a business in the home state of the owner(s) of the corporation

  2. To increase privacy and protect assets

Using a Nevada Corporation in Your Home State
Corporations formed in one state can do business in all 50 states (much like a person born in one state can later move to another state to work). For example, John owns a trucking business in California. He wants to form a Nevada corporation for his business. So, he simply has a corporation formed in Nevada and then he has the Nevada corporation registered to do business in California (called "foreign qualification"). Because this corporation is operating a business located in California, this corporation will typically pay California state tax.

Click here to see the legal definition of doing business in California.

Using a Nevada Corporation to Increase Privacy and Protect Assets
The second common way to use a Nevada corporation is to increase privacy and protect assets. For example, Fred, an Ohio resident, wants some of his business and investment profits to be paid to his Nevada corporation to increase privacy and protect assets. So he sets up one corporation to operate his business in Ohio. He sets up another corporation in Nevada to receive income from his Ohio business.

The business he operates in his home state also hires his Nevada corporation for management services, or to supply him with business supplies. Because the Nevada corporation has a legitimate Nevada presence with the Nevada Office Program (also known as the Nevada Virtual Office Program) and the Nominee Privacy Service, Fred's Nevada corporation earns money privately. Corporate taxes of a C corporation are less than that of an individual in almost all brackets, so there are some potential tax savings for money that will remain in the company. (Again, if a corporation operates in a state with corporate income tax, it must follow the tax laws of the state in which it operates, which may not include the income tax-free benefits when operated only in Nevada. Check with a knowledgeable tax advisor).

If he has stock market investments he first sets up a Nevada limited liability company to hold his investment portfolio. Then he sets up a Nevada corporation to manage his investments.

So, his Nevada corporation manages the investment account. The investment account is owned by the LLC. Fred up-streams active investment management income from his LLC to his corporation. The management fees paid to the Nevada corporation.

What is the Nevada Office Program?
In order for your Nevada corporation to provide you with the maximum financial privacy, there are some simple rules that must be followed. It must be able to legally prove that the corporation is a legitimate, operating business in Nevada.

To do so, it must pass these four simple tests:

  1. It must have an actual Nevada business address and cancelled checks or credit card statements showing that it has paid for its own business location.
  2. Your corporation must have a Nevada phone number.
  3. Your corporation must have a business license if applicable to its line of business.
  4. Your corporation must have a bank or brokerage account in Nevada.

It's actually quite easy. In order for your corporation to show that it is legally operating in Nevada, your corporation must have a legitimate base of operations in Nevada. A PO Box or a mail drop box won't meet the legal test. If you want to take advantage of the wonderful advantages of a Nevada Corporation, one might as well do it right. And you can...for a surprisingly low price.'ll sleep a lot better!

As you know, to launch your own office in Nevada would be quite a tremendous expense. So, is there a better alternative? YES there is. It is called the Companies Incorporated Nevada Office Program.

With the Nevada Office Program, you receive actual office space available on an appointment basis, a shared telephone number and contracted employees in Nevada. All of these are valuable elements of proof of a genuine corporate operation in Nevada. We also help you get a local business license and bank account in Nevada.

What is the cost of the Abstract Nevada Office Program?

As you can see the typical cost could be $3000 to $4000 per month, or $36,000 to $48,000 per year!

However, Abstract offers the Nevada Office Program for far less. You get our professional, friendly service for as low as $995 per year! Because of our high volume of business, we are able to offer this valuable service at a considerably low cost!

Act now. Do things right. It pays for itself in the long run...and the short run. Call (347) 766-0LAW / 766-0529 right now to take advantage of the wonderful TAX SAVINGS and PRIVACY available with your Abstract Nevada Office Program now.

See what you receive with the Abstract Office Program:
1. An actual Nevada street address 
     -Sstaffed with contracted employees from 8am to 5pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.
     -Mail forwarding service personalized to your needs

  2. A Nevada shared telephone number answered by a live receptionist
  3. A Nevada fax number
  4. Help opening a Nevada bank account if desired
  5. Help applying for a Nevada business license

  6. Live contract employees to greet your callers during business hours.

  7. Notary service

  8. Secretarial service

  9. Privacy

Incorporate online right now and find out how easy it is to have your own Nevada corporation with the Nevada Office Program.

Before a lawsuit is filed against you, it is common practice that the attorney contemplating the lawsuit conducts a search for your assets. Owning assets such as real estate, bank accounts, stock market investments, automobiles, etc. in a corporation or limited liability company may increase the difficulty in locating your assets.