Abstract Law.Com offers multiple programs to build corporate credit, the leading company in the nation – we will provide your business the next profitable step in separating your personal credit. We have developed a unique process that compresses the normal 4-6 years to establish business credit down to only 60 to 90 days, creating a new credit profile based on your Tax ID number.

You can have your profile created for you and be provided tools and resources to quickly establish business credit - or have us do all the work for you. We offer a program that is 95% hands-off, letting the corporate credit experts do the work. See All Corporate Credit Programs.

Get corporate credit - Separating your personal business credit can offer the following benefits:

Business lines of credit
Business credit cards
Automobile leases without a personal guarantee or personal credit check
Business start-up and growth capital
Low cost, high return
Once you Establish Corporate Credit it is possible to obtain:

Real estate
Auto leases
Credit cards
Lines of credit with various companies
Equipment leases
When to Establish Business Credit
Throughout the life of a company the need to establish business credit will most likely arise. Build credit before your company needs it. No institution wants to lend money to a business in need of cash flow. The business should start to build credit history and get a corporate credit profile over time. This is possible with a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) using the tax identification number (EIN).

When officers and owners use their own personal credit profiles to obtain credit or obtain credit cards for the business, they risk the chance of personal liability, and weakening the corporate veil by co-mingling financial transactions. There are two reasons business owners should try not to use their personal guarantee in this situation. Build separate credit - it is the answer to these vulnerabilities with your enterprise.

The individual signer is liable if the business cannot make the payments
The credit obtained for the business can result in seizure of personal assets.
Keep in mind, business credit ratings are much like your personal credit score is based on several factors, including: available credit, the amount of available credit used, late payments, and much more.

Obtaining lines of credit for a business is a process that should be established over time. The older the business the more options it will have to build credit and obtain loans and leases without the use of personal guarantees. It is not easy to do this, but yet it is not impossible. The first step is to start the process - build your corporation or company's credit today. Companies Incorporated offers aged companies and shelf corporations that can help to build corporate credit quickly.

Build Corporate Credit
Companies Incorporated has developed a program to provide your business the next logical step in separating business and personal finances through creating a new credit profile based on your Tax ID Number.

It all starts with our Credit Builder Program, which will establish a brand new credit profile and score. The goal is to establish corporate credit scores of 75 or better. In comparison a score of 80 is like having a personal credit score of 800: That is excellent credit. We have collected and made available, the credit score systems for the primary reporting agencies.

A credit score is built by having lines of credit, credit cards, accounts and trade references that report to the business credit bureaus. For most businesses it's very difficult to find a creditor willing to grant most forms of corporate credit with no personal guarantees without any previous business credit history. If you have your own trade references, we will work with them to build the score. However most businesses need additional trade references who report to credit agencies that will open lines of credit and begin reporting to the major agencies. Though the process usually takes the time outlined above, occasionally four to six months is required for the vendors properly verify to the reporting agency. 

We offer guidance on how to select companies who will provide your business with immediate credit. Part of the program is assisting you with the entire application and reporting process as well as choosing businesses that will grant credit to your company. The companies we work with will report payment experiences to the credit bureaus - and provide loans without a personal guarantee or the need for personal credit checks.

Companies are willing to issue the credit because their clients are not considered high risk. The reason they are not considered high risk is because of the business owners desire to build their business' credit by investing in a corporate credit building program. 

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