Business Credit

Building Business Credit is a challenging initiative. This must be done PROPERLY by experienced professionals or it could add several years to establish a profile. Abstract has developed a program to build business credit that works with lenders and the corporate credit reporting agencies. Because lenders are more willing to lend to older companies - you can choose from our list of aged shelf corporations to enhance your borrowing power. We then work with your business to create the proper the credit profile for your company and help you secure trade lines. We have taken the typical credit building path and condensed it down from 4 to 6 years to 4 to 6 months and often as little as 30 days. Don't wait until your business needs credit... creditors don't want to lend money to businesses in need of it, so start building your small business credit profile today.

We have prepared the most information available on business and corporate credit. It's a complex journey and any small business could use a little help from the experts. Establishing true and separate corporate credit profile for your business is a strong step, something all business owners should consider. Abstract has helped thousands of small businesses establish business credit in a very short amount of time. We prepare your company for the journey and we are there along with you, every step of the way. Call now to speak with a credit counselor.
Abstract is the LEADING Business Credit program provider for Small Businesses!

3 Levels of Service to Choose From
Rush Service Available on Select Plans
Document Preparation
Separate Credit Profile Established
Access to Companies that Issue Credit
Credit Coaching
FREE Business Credit Assessment

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