Abstract Law.com's Commitment to Privacy. 


Abstract Law.com ("The Abstract Law.com Company" and its subsidiaries) respects the privacy of applicants and employees, and is committed to complying with applicable privacy laws in every country in which we operate. This Applicant Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about how the personal information you submit as a job applicant through this website will be handled and protected by Abstract Law.com. This policy supplements the General Privacy Statement of abstractlaw.comwhich can be reached by the "Privacy Statement" link at the bottom of the abstractlaw.com home page.


Why We Collect and Use Your Personal Information. 


Abstract Law.com collects and uses your personal information for the purpose of determining your qualifications for employment and reaching a hiring decision, as well as to comply with applicable laws and regulations, such as laws related to the evaluation of those seeking employment, or to defend ourselves in claims under such laws. Relevant portions of your personal information, if you are hired, also will be used to establish a basic employment record. We do not collect or use the personal information you submit as a job applicant for unrelated purposes.


How We Collect Personal Information about You. 


Most of the personal information Abstract Law.com collects about you is collected directly from your application or resume, and stored on company servers located in the United States. We may also collect information about you from third parties, in order to: (a) verify information about your credentials, such as education and prior employment, (b) follow-up on refernces that you may provide, and (c) conduct background investigations. It is Abstract Law.com's policy to collect such information from third parties only with your knowledge and agreement. Should Abstract Law.com wish to obtain such third party information about you, and you have not completed an employment application authorizing us to do so, we will contact you and request your authorization to proceed.


Disclosures of Your Personal Information. 


Access to your information will be restricted to those Abstract Law.com staff and designated agents who have a need to know the specific information in question in order to carry out their responsibilities with regard to recruitment or employment law. Your information may also be disclosed to governmental entities in compliance with applicable law, such as to those agencies authorized to review and enforce equal opportunity laws. We do not disclose applicant information to job banks, or to other companies or external parties.


Your Access to Your Personal Information. 


Once you have established a Profile through this website, you will have online access to correct or update the information it contains. Once you have submitted your resume for a specific opening, you will not be able to update the information contained in that resume. A new resume may be submitted when applying for other positions.


Retention and Deletion of Your Personal Information. 


Abstract Law.com retains your personal information only as long as is necessary for evaluation for employment, as well as to comply with applicable laws relating to the evaluation of those seeking employment. After this time, normally the balance of the current calendar year plus two additional years, your information is deleted.




Abstract Law.com uses appropriate administrative, technical, personnel, and physical measures to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorized use or modification. In addition, we exercise special precautions in dealing with applicant personal data defined as sensitive by law. For example, when satisfactory completion of a medical examination is a condition for being hired, no medical information, apart from overall suitability or unsuitability for employment, is provided to hiring managers or stored in a new employee's personnel file.


Communications from Abstract Law.com. 


Abstract Law.com may contact you, using the contact information you have provided, for purposes of responding to your application for a particular job or jobs. In addition, you will be notified about new jobs matching your preferences and other events and announcements if you select these options within the Profile you establish.


Inquiries or Questions. If you have questions or concerns about Boeing's policies and practices for handling applicant personal information received through this website, you may call Abstract Law.com at (347) 766-0LAW / 766-0529.


Changes to This Policy. 


From time to time Abstract Law.com may revise this Applicant Privacy Policy. Should we do so, we will also change the date indicated below. We encourage you to check back at this website periodically, because applicants will be bound prospectively by the then-current version of the Applicant Privacy Policy.


Date issued: June 25, 2008.