Additional Services

To order any business service, please call our Customer Service department Monday through Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time.
Telephone: (347) 766-0LAW / 766-0529.

-Corporation and LLC Formation - Establish a corporation or LLC in any US state and many offshore jurisdictions. 

-Shelf Companies - Shelf Corporations in all 50 states and many countries. Aged Companies with existing credit lines and how to use a shelf corporation to benefit you.

-Office Programs - Tax benefits and more, Complete office programs, phone, mail and receptionist services in multiple states.

-Corporate Credit - Build corporate credit quickly. This works with any organization type and duration of existence doesn't matter, you can have corporate credit today.

-Privacy Service - Keep your information private through nominee officer programs.

-Foreign Qualification - Conduct business in any state. This service requires a certificate of Good Standing within the state already incorporated and filing with the state(s) you wish to Foreign Qualify in.

-Federal EIN Number - Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) services, offering both preparation of your application or number obtainment services. Fast turn around times and guaranteed accuracy.

-Name Reservation - Name availability check and name reservation services with any state can be completed for you.

-S Corporation Election - IRS Form 2553, Sub Chapter "S" Election, tax status changes to any entity type. Application preparation and filing available.

-Registered Agent Service - Statutory Agent and Registered Agent Office services in all 50 states. Complete Incorporation Packages come with the first year of representation FREE.

-Corporate Kit - Corporate Kits, leather binders and customized supplies. A complete product list available.

-Corporate Seal - Hand held corporate seal, custom embossers available.

-Stock Certificates - Corporate documentation, templates and custom stock certificates available, multiple sizes, types and options for any Entity Type and in any State.

-Articles of Amendment - Change your company name, update stock value and authorized shares, change company officers and directors, modify your incorporation through our Amemdment services, document 
 preparation, filing and delivery to you. All 50 states.

-Certificate of Good Standing - Certificate ordering from your state office, fast turn around.

-Articles of Dissolution - Dissolve your company quick and easy, you have options to sell your company back to Companies Incorporated.

-Tax Reduction - Learn how to reduce your tax liability, legally and affordably through several workshops, seminars and professional consulting programs.

-Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) - A strong asset protection and lawsuit protection tool to own your business entities and shield your assets

-Land Trust - For real estate privacy of ownership

-Living Trust - See how a living trust is the master tool for estate planning to avoid expensive and time-consuming probate.